In this production of Frankenstein, the team experimented with several digital technologies in order to bring about an immersive theatrical experience.

Two projectors were used simultaneously. The first projector threw huge ambient images (fire, thunder, etc) onto the backdrop to set the keynote. This background image, together with the actors, was then captured by a webcam and sent to VDMX, where the projections were controlled. Before the captured image was sent to the second projector, its brightness and saturation were respectively mapped from the direction of the forearms of the two actors, which was captured by the Myo armbands. Therefore, not only would there be multiple overlaying images of the actors and the stage, but also that the attributes of this visual environment were responsive to the arm movement of the actors, which is a simple but effective indicator of the emotion of the characters.

In the end of the play, after killing its creator, the monster of Frankenstein began to vomit, indicating that it was going to give birth to its next generation—an echo of the circular wording of the play's title.

(Project team: Christopher DAMEN, Mark PUNCHINSKY, Stephanie BEATTIE, SHI Weili, Michael GLEN, Kieun KIM, LIU Jiaqi)