Oculi: 异度空间的展演 · Oculi: A Show of Alternative Spaces

Long after our farewells to the forest, the savannah and the cave, the homo sapiens are so accustomed to living in human-scaled cube-shaped white boxes. Having been interacting with this kind of space since birth, we take our boxed life for granted. We tend to not take much consideration of other forms of space, and even neglect our consciousness of space most of the time.

Oculi aims to wake up the audience’s sense of space. Being presented within an apartment, it consists of six installations under the name of oculus. Through the use of projection mapping, each oculus brings the image of a poetic alternative space into the exhibition venue, superimposing it onto the physical space of the apartment. These shape, scale or location alternations, in contrast to the otherwise ordinary living environment, evoke the audience’s nostalgia for their forgotten sensation and imagination of space.


  • Oculi: A Show of Alternative Spaces. May 3, 2016. 21 Stuyvesant Oval, Apt MA, New York.

  • Major Major. May 10. Parsons School of Design, New York.