Greetings, Kung-fu Masters!

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This 30-second piece depicts a friendly exchange of martial arts techniques between two kung-fu masters—Master Lee and Master Chen—entirely using sound. They started by greeting each other, and then demonstrated their recently learned techniques respectively. Eventually they got into the real fight, which ended with a strong final hit and mutual compliments.

Studio recording of the masters' voice and shoutings was mixed with sound effects (air friction, hits, footsteps and explosion) and background music. Panning automation was used to bring about a sense of movement across space. The slower pace at the beginning helps to highlight the fast and dense climax. The overall rhythm was kept lighthearted in accord with the friendly mood of this kung-fu exchange. The recording and editing was done using Pro Tools.

(Special Thanks to Ralph MOREAU for contributing the voice of Master Lee. Music credit: YU Lingling, Ambush from Ten Sides.)